Saturday, March 25, 2006

We Found NEMO Last Night


Blogger Lenren said...

This made me laugh. I immediately went "aahh" though. I loved that little fish!

3:49 PM  
Blogger starbender said...

We luv'd that 'lil fish 2!

4:40 PM  
Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

Poor Nemo

7:59 AM  
Blogger ICECOLDCOKE said...

nemo fish cakes,mmmmmm,tasty.

5:30 AM  
Blogger kornfedrednek said...

please tell me it's not Nemo !!

7:32 AM  
Blogger Judas said...

Personaly, I happen to think that is the best place for that annoying little fish.

Judas Penrose
Poetry Politics and Piracy

10:22 AM  
Blogger starbender said...

hey~ theClonedCorpseOfMarcusTal~ Good 2 C ya buddy!
kornfedrednek~Yes~:"( it is true!
nemo is nomore!
Judas~go figure! Aren't U the one who put him there?heheheee :winky-wink:

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:29 PM  

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